Health v. Education

July 17th


COLLISION is not your typical pitch event – be inspired, become invested, and participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving in Connecticut!  COLLISION brings people from different industries together with the goal of sparking new ideas, new ways of thinking and collaborations. 

Join us as entrepreneurs and startups pitch the audience for a chance to win prize money, traction, and gain attention.  Vote for your favorite and they could win even more!

Pitch at COLLISION – 

As a young startup, COLLISION can help you further validate your market and your product or service, improve presentation skills, become part of a community, and recruit new team members. COLLISION is perfect for vetting your idea, and for gaining traction and attention.


Wednesday, July 17th
5:30 to 9:00 p.m.

5:30 to 6:00:  Check-in & Collect Your Investment Money

6:15 to 8:30:  Pitches & Refreshments

8:30 to 8:45:  Cast Your Votes

9:00:  Winners Announced


Perk on Main
386 Main Street, Middletown

COLLISION Health v Education

Register for COLLISION

$25.00 per person in advance;  $40.00 per person at the door.
Space is limited – advance registration is recommended. 

Tickets include food, drink ticket, and “$25,000” in investment cash for voting for your favorite pitches. All attendees will receive one $10,000 chip, two $5,000 chips, and five $1,000 chips to drop into the voting bucket of the ventures they want to “fund.”  Chips can be distributed across multiple ventures or used to support a single venture.  

Upon arrival, attendees may also purchase an additional $5,000 chip for $5.00 – this will provide a bit more voting power and support upcoming COLLISION events. 

Once the pitches are complete, the COLLISION team will tally up the investments made in each venture, and winners will be announced based on the total “investment” received.

Pitcher Lineup



BLOSSOM is an eLearning platform delivering capacity building education to nonprofit leaders – executive, staff, and volunteers – in a secure, private workspace online. Learners begin with an assessment which results in a curriculum playlist from which they choose courses that meet their needs. Learning is at their own pace and in their own time- greatly reducing the stress and anxiety of being away from their desks and offices. All learners are matched with a personal coach who facilitates the application of the learned materials on current challenges experienced by the learner. The learner has a locker to retain materials and products developed through their course completion, accessible for future use.


Extra Yard


Extra Yard is addressing the achievement gap between all students both inner city and suburban, by providing accessible services for its clients. Extra Yard SAT Prep program alone has helped students consistently improve 100-200 points in only 8 sessions.

SAT Prep has helped students and student-athletes gain 100-200 points alone on their SAT scores in only 8 sessions. Extra Yard also has a fitness component in which we help athletes prepare for the next level with position-specific Athletic training and college tours.


Rapid Patient Mover


Our Rapid Patient Mover (RPM) addresses the problem of quickly and efficiently removing patients from any environment. First developed for the unique demands of an active shooter incident, the RPM has found applicability to a broad range of patient evacuation and moving situations. The RPM is the only patient handling device that can be efficiently deployed under a patient without having to lift or roll them first and uniquely addresses the shortcomings of both traditional hard and soft patient carriers.

Emergent Access Services


Time managed visits to the Emergency room, live timeframes for emergency services. Patients safety, satisfaction, staff overall satisfaction. I’m addressing overcrowding and possible fatalities due to crowded Emergency rooms. Emergent Access Services 24 hour Access to Emergency services with time managed visits, access to Registered Nurses and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Engagement Solutions


Currently, low-income families are eligible for a host of programs run by the government and non-profit agencies. The task of navigating the available programs in their area often becomes cumbersome. 
Being unable to meet your basic needs like housing, food, employment can have a negative impact on the state of a person’s physical health as well. 
In 2018, 1 in 5 people in Connecticut were enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid
. Our state spent $8 billion on their healthcare, $4 billion of which was on acute care spending. 
The Center Medicare and Medicaid is waking up to this crisis and is engaged in pilot studies to connect patients to these basic needs that have been termed the social determinants of health.



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