Kick-Off Event

April 10th



COLLISION is not your typical pitch event – be inspired, become invested, and participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving in Connecticut!  COLLISION brings people from different industries together with the goal of sparking new ideas, new ways of thinking and collaborations. 

Join us as entrepreneurs and startups pitch the audience for a chance to win prize money, traction, and gain attention.  Vote for your favorite and they could win even more!


Wednesday, April 10th
5:30 to 9:00 p.m.

5:30 to 6:00:  Check-in & Collect Your Investment Money

6:15 to 8:30:  Pitches & Refreshments

8:30 to 8:45:  Cast Your Votes

9:00:  Winners Announced


HERD Restaurant
200 Main Street, Middletown

Amazing food, fun atmosphere, HERD will be serving bar bites and attendees will receive a drink ticket for a complimentary beer or wine, and the bar will be open for any other requests.

Register for COLLISION

$25.00 per person in advance;  $40.00 per person at the door.
Space is limited – advance registration is recommended. 

Tickets include food, drink ticket, and “$25,000” in investment cash for voting for your favorite pitches. All attendees will receive one $10,000 chip, two $5,000 chips, and five $1,000 chips to drop into the voting bucket of the ventures they want to “fund.”  Chips can be distributed across multiple ventures or used to support a single venture.  

Upon arrival, attendees may also purchase an additional $5,000 chip for $5.00 – this will provide a bit more voting power and support upcoming COLLISION events. 

Once the pitches are complete, the COLLISION team will tally up the investments made in each venture, and winners will be announced based on the total “investment” received.

Pitcher Lineup


Each year approximately 3.3 million mothers initiate breastfeeding; of those approximately 50% stop breastfeeding within 2 weeks, while 46.9% continue to breastfeed exclusively at 3 months (CDC, 2018) (Office of Surgeon General, 2011). Studies show that 60% of women do not reach their personal breastfeeding goals (Bartick et al, 2016).

The Manoula device is an affordable breastfeeding accessory which will increase the percentage of women who breastfeed long term by reducing or eliminating the anxieties that stem from uncertainty regarding infant’s consumption. The Manoula will provide information to the mother to inform her if her baby is receiving adequate breast milk. If the baby is not, the device will recommend seeking support from a professional, such as a local lactation consultant.


We are lonelier than ever before, and it’s wreaking havoc on our mental health as a society. Heavy urbanization and digitization have eroded the community bonds that we once had. They are still an essential part of life, but the systems by which we accessed them have become much scarcer than before. Our mission is to reconnect communities around home dining tables.

Homecooked is a social dining platform for home cooks to organize small communal meals connecting guests around their home dining table. These meals seat 6 to 8, and are a chance for people to connect over food together.

We structure the social experience through Circles, which organize meals through different communities (like Entrepreneurs & Makers, Moms, or Grief & Loss), and Bread Breakers (our own brand of ice-breaker questions designed around connection).


Musicians all over the world are in financial trouble. It’s nearly impossible to make it as a musician, the average income of a musician in the US is less than $35k/year and their number one way of making money after performing has been CD sales which have all but disappeared over the last several years.

Our patent-pending hardware allows us to capture studio recordings of musician’s live events at a fraction of the cost of a traditional studio, and our service allows them to monetize those recordings for more money. We’ve developed a product that replaces the traditional broadcast truck you’d see at a large concert with a small hardware unit that allows us to capture the same high-quality audio streams and deliver them directly to recording studios. This workflow functions at a low enough price that even the smallest of artist can get studio recordings of their shows and monetize them immediately.


The current method of Skyscraper Window washers is 100% manual, time-consuming, expensive and unsafe. Aside from the safety concerns – Workers work an average 4 hrs/day in good weather and an average skyscraper takes 1-4 months to clean with a 6-man crew. There are weather limitations, it’s invasive, and can only be done in the daytime.

Skysqueegee is going to modernize the skyscraper window washing Industry. Our product is a tethered robot utilizing drone technology that hovers perfectly off the side of a building, with power and cleaning fluid feed from the top of the building down into the device to clean ALL surfaces of the building (glass, brick, concrete, etc). Skyscraper window washing is extremely expensive and we will be able to do the same job at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

Extra Yard

Extra Yard is addressing the achievement gap between all students both inner city and suburban, by providing accessible services for its clients. Extra Yard SAT Prep program alone has helped students consistently improve 100-200 points in only 8 sessions.

SAT Prep has helped students and student-athletes gain 100-200 points alone on their SAT scores in only 8 sessions. Extra Yard also has a fitness component in which we help athletes prepare for the next level with position-specific Athletic training and college tours.


HYKE addresses the inconvenient, expensive and unavailability of public modes of transportation.

Hyke is a software platform which provides passengers with alternatives to traditional modes of transportation. Hykers are able to ride as a passenger with a trucker, by arranging a mutually convenient pickup location and then disembarking very close to their final destination.

HYKE provides an additional stream of income, to traditionally underpaid truckers, without them having to make a significant financial investment or doing anything more than they do every working day. Truckers can earn an additional $20,000 a year by taking Hikers with them on three 350 miles trips each week. HYKE’s s sweet spot is trips of between 250-500 miles

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