Wesleyan University
StartUp Incubator Pitch Night

May 5th




Over a dozen aspiring student entrepreneurs pitched their social benefit business ideas.

The COLLISION pitch night was held virtually on May 5, 2020.


Congratulations to Be Better!

The winner of the Wesleyan COLLISION Spring 2020 pitch competition!

Pitcher Lineup

Be Better

Be Better is a clothing brand focused on producing sustainable products that promote education and discussion of mental health and wellness, primarily among young adults. Be Better consists of the clothing brand itself—which highly values customer participation and artist collaboration—as well as an online community forum for followers and members to connect, discuss, and share their stories.

Blake Northrop
Wesleyan University

Fitness Circle

Fitness Circle is an app that provides a free space online to connect, share, and support fitness enthusiasts. Aiming to create accessibility for college students who are interested in a healthier lifestyle.

Kayla Enriquez and Jennifer Escobedo
Wesleyan University


QBx is a Quarterback coaching platform that incorporates low-income areas that do not have the built-in advantage that comes with personalized coaching. We aim to expand the game and teach valuable lessons through the game of football.

Daniel Smith


SmoothSale is a platform that facilitates the exchange of used items, goods, and services on college campuses. It strives to simplify processes of listing, selling, offering, trading, and buying between all members of a college community including students and faculty. SmoothSale brings the community together to practice consumerism through methods of upcycling and waste reduction.

Sherry Liang
Wesleyan Unversity


Swapperz is a mobile platform that facilitates the buying and selling of seats during sporting events. If you’re already in the stadium, you can upgrade to a better seat for an affordable price. If you can’t make it to the event at the last minute or choose to leave before the game ends, Swapperz can put cash back into your pocket by helping you sell your seat.

Leo Clibanoff, Shackylle Dezonie, and Gabe Ravetz
Wesleyan Unversity


Us is an app that categorizes college activities and includes personalized calendar so that people can improve their time management skills and enjoy college life.

Siry Plume
Wesleyan Unversity


Book is a revolutionary sports wagering platform where users bet head-to-head with their friends. Book aims to create a positive social environment for sports bettors where users can track each other’s plays and improve their records. Our platform will bring friends together through competition and elevate the way fans interact with sports for the better.

Andres Marx, Jackson Curran, Shane Gallagher, Logan Geller, and Malcolm Roesser
Wesleyan University


Kakikata is a Japanese wellness blog, with the goal of helping adults adopt healthier and more balanced lifestyles, primarily through education on Japanese food, culture, and values. Unlike extreme diets or packaged ready-meals which are unsustainable and can’t compliment our social and emotional needs. I hope to remove barriers to a healthy lifestyle by empowering individuals with tools and information that may have previously been unknown to them.

Saki Ohashi


Saplings is a company dedicated to the development of emissions reductions projects for big polluters. Saplings aims to develop emissions reductions plans for companies in order to generate carbon credits.

Eli Haynes
Wesleyan Unversity

Solar Drag Tech

SolarDrag Tech eixists to innovate the field of oyster farming. We want to make the harvesting practices that we currently use more practical and environmentally friendly. We also want to implement a way of self-driving in order to reduce labor costs. This is an ambitious goal but it is what we plan on doing for our startup.

Mathew Gill, Brinton Thomas, and Samuel Jean
Wesleyan University

Unlock Debate

Unlock Debate is a social platform designed for a different purpose: connecting people through political ideas, not dividing them. Polarization is at an all-time high in the US, and something must be done about it. Our platform will feature three key sections: a discussion platform, where topic threads are split up by issue, live user input polls attached to each topic thread, and real-time heat maps where the feedback from the user input polls will be plotted to track public opinion. Unlock Debate will be a platform that will aide proper discussion that will lead to real results. 

Jackson Eighmy
Wesleyan University

Vida Doce

Vida Doce is a dessert food truck that combines Brazilian and Mexican culture to provide delicious sweets. We seek to make your day better one sweet at a time.

Jennifer Ledezma
Wesleyan Unversity

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