First Pitch : 2020

February 12, 2020





COLLISION is not your typical pitch event – be inspired, become invested, and participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving in Connecticut!  COLLISION brings people from different industries together with the goal of sparking new ideas, new ways of thinking and collaborations. 

Join us as entrepreneurs and startups pitch the audience for a chance to win prize money, traction, and gain attention.  Vote for your favorite and they could win even more!


Wednesday, February 12th
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

6:00:  Check-in & Collect Your Investment Money

6:10 to 8:45:  Pitches

8:45 to 9:00:  Cast Your Votes

9:00:  Winners Announced


La Boca Restaurant & Cantina
337 Main Street, Middletown

Middletown’s best Mexican food, La Boca will be serving appetizers and attendees will receive a drink ticket for a complimentary margarita or cerveza, and the bar will be open for any other requests.

Register for COLLISION

$25.00 per person in advance;  $35.00 per person at the door.
Space is limited – advance registration is recommended. 

Tickets include food, drink ticket, and “$25,000” in investment cash for voting for your favorite pitches. All attendees will receive one $10,000 chip, two $5,000 chips, and five $1,000 chips to drop into the voting bucket of the ventures they want to “fund.”  Chips can be distributed across multiple ventures or used to support a single venture.  

Upon arrival, attendees may also purchase an additional $5,000 chip for $5.00 – this will provide a bit more voting power and support upcoming COLLISION events. Once the pitches are complete, the COLLISION team will tally up the investments made in each venture, and winners will be announced based on the total “investment” received.

Pitcher Lineup

B2 Products, LLC

Our Rapid Patient Mover (RPM) addresses the problem of quickly and efficiently removing patients from any environment. First developed for the unique demands of an active shooter incident, the RPM has found applicability to a broad range of patient evacuation and moving situations. The RPM is the only patient handling device that can be efficiently deployed under a patient without having to lift or role them first and uniquely addresses the shortcomings of both traditional hard and soft patient carriers.

The Rapid Patient Mover (RPM) was first developed to address a need for a more efficient method of removing victims from active shooter scenes quickly. The design maximizes limited manpower and is adaptable to overcome challenges with moving patients in several other scenarios such as medical facility evacuation, cardiac arrest management and prehospital patient movement.

The RPM uniquely incorporates the best features of both traditional hard and soft patient handling equipment into a device that maximizes rescuer efficiency and patient safety. The RPM’s patented Z-fold configuration allows it to be deployed under a patient by 1 rescuer without the need to lift or roll the patient. It’s ease of use and overall versatility make it the best choice for patient moving in EMS environments. The RPM consists of plastic plates between two heavy ballistic nylon carrier sheets, with rows of handles on both surfaces. It includes patient securing straps and a drag harness for rapidly moving a patient out of the most challenging environments.

Healthy Planeat

Our current food system is harming our health and the planet. Nearly 60% of Americans are overweight or obese and our food and agriculture system emits nearly 30% of total global greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change. Having a healthy and sustainable diet is the most powerful thing the average person can do to benefit their health and the environment. There is also growing consumer demand for healthy and environmentally sustainable food products in the US, largely driven by the Millennial generation. Research indicates 73% of Millennials are willing to pay more for environmentally sustainable products, and 75% are changing their food purchasing habits to be more environmentally sustainable. There are over 2 million farms in the US that can help meet the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food.

Healthy PlanEat exists to help connect people to local organic farms so they can have a healthy and sustainable diet. Rosemary, the founder, has built a website where people can find local farms and order food to pick up at the farm, farmers market, or pop-up locations. She’s worked with three farms so far – Four Root Farm (East Haddam), Provider Farm (Salem), and Star Light Gardens (Durham). This fall, Rosemary did a pop-up with Star Light Gardens at Kidcity Children’s Museum in Middletown.

This January, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise money for a Healthy PlanEat smartphone app to be created. The app would enable farmers to create their own page, and also include features which allow people to discover their environmental footprint and find recipes featuring in-season ingredients.

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

Unable to find chocolate chip cookies that tasted the way they should, “secret recipe” for Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies was born – and the unique flavors and texture of the cookies are simply out of this world.

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies have a very distinctive texture. They are a delightful surprise to the senses. They are not overly sweet and are artfully packed with 100% all natural gourmet flavors. Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies are made with the finest quality ingredients and each one is hand formed. Enjoy the perfect imperfections of our lumpy, little chunky Moon Rocks.

Brain hAPPy

Stress and mental health issues are on the rise. 1 in 5 persons has a mental health issue. 75% of primary care visits are for stress-related illnesses. 83% of U.S. workers are stressed. People may not have time for therapy or may not be able to afford it.

Our company makes digital mental health solutions. Our first product is called Your therAPPist which combines evidence-based therapies such as mindfulness training, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and brain rewiring. It is available on google play and the apple store in our B2C movement. We are also incubating at Nassau Re and active in the Insurtech community in Hartford to launch our B2B, targeting insurance companies as a value add, employee benefits and patient care.

Legacy Lineage

Legacy Lineage provides exceptional child care and family support services to inner city communities.

Legacy Lineage Enrichment Center provides hands-on learning to children. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on literacy and social learning. Along with nurturing children’s development we prioritize family engagement. Parents are engaged in number of support workshops that address relevant life stressors prevalent in inner city communities. The enrichment curriculum activities are presented in comfortable social learning forums.

UR Community Cares, Inc.

10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring daily, Connecticut (all states) needs a plan to support this growing number of elderly and people with disabilities in our state that will continue to climb in the coming years. Our digital platform ( was created to provide a volunteer corp to provide help to this demographic of people in need, at no cost. People can be temporarily disabled after surgery/injury or permanently disabled and many people are unable to afford private caregivers ($30/hour) so our system offers an alternative to paying private caregivers. Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks; housework, yard work or be a companion.

UR Community Cares, Inc. is a 501(c)3 that launched its website in June 2019 to serve every town in Connecticut. We serve as a digital link between Community Members (age 70+ or 18+ with a physical disability) and inter-generational Volunteers (age 15+) who deliver help to the home, at no cost. We are partnering with existing community resources (senior centers/high schools/social workers/assisted living facilities/etc.) to virtually link town entities that currently don’t digitally connect. We perform a background check on all website users and are fully insured.

Globally, the population aged 65 and over is growing faster than all other age groups. According to data from World Population Prospects: the 2019 Revision, by 2050, one in six people in the world will be over age 65 (16%), up from one in 11 in 2019 (9%). Mobilizing volunteers and linking them digitally to in-home volunteer opportunities is our mission. The world is targeting home delivery, we deliver volunteers that can help in the homes of those that are home-bound. Towns can now maximize their own resources, their own people. We link the people that can help to those that need help, we have created the way for the two to connect.


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