Food v. Tourism

August 28th


COLLISION is not your typical pitch event – be inspired, become invested, and participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving in Connecticut!  COLLISION brings people from different industries together with the goal of sparking new ideas, new ways of thinking and collaborations. 

Join us as entrepreneurs and startups pitch the audience for a chance to win prize money, traction, and gain attention.  Vote for your favorite and they could win even more!


Wednesday, May 29th
5:30 to 9:00 p.m.

5:30 to 6:00:  Check-in & Collect Your Investment Money

6:15 to 8:30:  Pitches & Refreshments

8:30 to 8:45:  Cast Your Votes

9:00:  Winners Announced


La Boca Restaurant & Cantina
337 Main Street, Middletown

Middletown’s best Mexican food, La Boca will be serving appetizers and attendees will receive a drink ticket for a complimentary margarita or cerveza, and the bar will be open for any other requests.

Register for COLLISION

$20.00 per person in advance;  $30.00 per person at the door.
Space is limited – advance registration is recommended. 


Tickets include food, drink ticket, and “$25,000” in investment cash for voting for your favorite pitches. All attendees will receive one $10,000 chip, two $5,000 chips, and five $1,000 chips to drop into the voting bucket of the ventures they want to “fund.”  Chips can be distributed across multiple ventures or used to support a single venture.  

Upon arrival, attendees may also purchase an additional $5,000 chip for $5.00 – this will provide a bit more voting power and support upcoming COLLISION events. 

Once the pitches are complete, the COLLISION team will tally up the investments made in each venture, and winners will be announced based on the total “investment” received.

Pitcher Lineup

Travelers are not aware that the CT Shoreline is where New England begins. We have been considered a “drive through” state for too long and we want to educate travelers to all we have to offer.

Bring brand awareness to the Connecticut Shoreline travel/tourism businesses and educate travelers through highly immersive storytelling through video and 360 video. We will highlight things do, points of interest, restaurants, museums, hotels, beaches, state parks and landmarks along the Connecticut Shoreline.

Our strategy is to target travel audience through programmatic digital advertising, YouTube travel channel, Facebook, Instagram and other social sites to drive awareness and traffic to the web site. Our travel web site will be mobile optimized, including videos and 360 videos plotted on Google Map to elevate local businesses when people are searching for destination spots on search engines.

Noteworthy Chocolates


What if we…

…could laser messages into chocolate?  …dream up a really thoughtful, personalized gift experience?  …find the perfect chocolate that anybody, even the most allergic person we know, could eat?  …offer a beautiful gift experience using only sustainable packaging?

Noteworthy Chocolates are safe for almost all people with food allergies. No one should have to miss out on eating delicious chocolate. That’s why the only chocolate we use is soy, tree nut, peanut and gluten-free chocolate. We craft beautiful, thoughtful and DELICIOUS chocolate gifts that are a joy to both give and receive. People really do say the sweetest things when they’re engraved in chocolate!


Most of the historical travel and sightseeing options today are stuck in the pre-digital world of one-size-fits-all maps, guidebooks, and expensive bus and walking tours on a limited timescale. SightSeeAR is focused on pioneering a third – immersive app-based tours. Current AR use cases in this space focus predominantly on way-finding and/or light-touch informational enhancements (e.g- City Guide Tour & Google Lens). We have the expertise and capabilities to provide a deeper more engaging experience to our customers centered around amazing content.

SightSeeAR is redefining global sightseeing for the mobile-first digital age, whilst providing a deeper understanding & empathy for different cultures and their history.  Our immersive content-first tours will introduce mobile AR to allow our customers to experience the past like never before and on their own schedule.

It’s the things travelers do when they get to their destination that inspires them to go places and we are laser-focused on bringing these amazing historical characters, events, and stories to life through immersive tech and in doing so; create the future of the past.

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

Unable to find chocolate chip cookies that tasted the way they should, “secret recipe” for Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies was born – and the unique flavors and texture of the cookies are simply out of this world.

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies have a very distinctive texture. They are a delightful surprise to the senses. They are not overly sweet and are artfully packed with 100% all natural gourmet flavors. Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies are made with the finest quality ingredients and each one is hand formed. Enjoy the perfect imperfections of our lumpy, little chunky Moon Rocks.

Pisces Atlantic

Due to overfishing, pollution and poor management many of the ocean’s fisheries are being pushed to the brink of their productivity and many have started to collapse. To meet the growing demand for seafood while faced with declining yields from fishing fleets, the seafood industry has pivoted in the past 30 years towards farming fish commercially. Due to these trends, half of all seafood consumed today comes from a farm.

My product is a commercial fish feed made from vegetable and insect proteins that would serve as an alternative to the conventional feeds on the market. This feed is made from a proprietary formulation of insect and vegetable proteins as well as food waste by-products, eliminating the need for the often polluted and expensive protein sources that have traditionally been utilized as food materials in commercial fish farming.



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