Health v. Education

July 17th


Congratulations to B2 Products, LLC the maker of Rapid Patient Mover!  Voted as the winner of the COLLISION Health v Education pitch competition, B2 Products, LLC is a Connecticut startup, founded in 2014, that addresses the problem of quickly and efficiently removing patients from any environment.  Packed with smart innovations, Rapid Patient Mover makes emergency responders’ jobs easier.

The three health ventures who pitched – Engagement Access Services, Rapid Patient Mover, and Engagement Solutions – won the industry prize, beating out the education startups – BLOSSOM, Extra Yard, and the Magic Food Bus – who were all excellent.

Thank you to everyone who attended the competition.  

The setup at Collision Pitch Event was very interpersonal and the atmosphere encouraging.  I was able to connect with each group of people personally.  I think this way of doing investment pitches should be the catalyst for other events.  I liked the voting system and the timeframes given to each participant. I definitely enjoyed myself and felt less inclined to mess up or make major mistakes like in regular pitch settings.  

– Tray Rowland, Emergent Access


Thanks for a great event last night, I know how much work goes into planning and execution.  It’s exciting to see Middletown engage in the small business arena.

– Shay Cantner, Engagement Solutions

Thank you!

to Perk on Main

Fun food and a terrific spot for the pitch competition, Perk on Main hosted our event. 

Pitcher Lineup



BLOSSOM is an eLearning platform delivering capacity building education to nonprofit leaders – executive, staff, and volunteers – in a secure, private workspace online. Learners begin with an assessment which results in a curriculum playlist from which they choose courses that meet their needs. Learning is at their own pace and in their own time- greatly reducing the stress and anxiety of being away from their desks and offices. All learners are matched with a personal coach who facilitates the application of the learned materials on current challenges experienced by the learner. The learner has a locker to retain materials and products developed through their course completion, accessible for future use.


Extra Yard


Extra Yard is addressing the achievement gap between all students both inner city and suburban, by providing accessible services for its clients. Extra Yard SAT Prep program alone has helped students consistently improve 100-200 points in only 8 sessions.

SAT Prep has helped students and student-athletes gain 100-200 points alone on their SAT scores in only 8 sessions. Extra Yard also has a fitness component in which we help athletes prepare for the next level with position-specific Athletic training and college tours.


The Magic Food Bus


Food insecurity has increasingly become an issue on college and university campuses across the country, with two out of three community college students experiencing food insecurity.  Food insecurity and hunger impacts a student’s energy level and motivation, negatively impacting their academic success. Students who are hungry often have to choose between paying for textbooks, childcare, transportation, or groceries. To address this challenge, colleges throughout the country have opened food pantries for their students. The Magic Food Bus is the MxCC low-cost approach to address student food insecurity in light of reduced state support and limited space on campus. The ability to provide access to free non-perishable food items and organic fresh vegetables will help support student success and retention, which are key components of the MxCC Strategic Plan.

Emergent Access Services


Time managed visits to the Emergency room, live timeframes for emergency services. Patients safety, satisfaction, staff overall satisfaction. I’m addressing overcrowding and possible fatalities due to crowded Emergency rooms. Emergent Access Services 24 hour Access to Emergency services with time managed visits, access to Registered Nurses and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Engagement Solutions


Engagement Solutions platform connects clients and providers via a cloud-based, web/mobile friendly platform.  The platform allows families to remain in control of their secure data, and share it easily to those programs which they choose to enroll.  Programs would be able to communicate with clients via a secure system, and share information cross-programs with the clients consent. Programs who would benefit from the Engagement Solutions platform include, but are not limited to: Healthcare providers, Government Agencies, Non-Profit Orgs, Local Education Authorities (School Districts), For Profit Businesses, Licensed Child Care/Family Day Care.


Rapid Patient Mover


Our Rapid Patient Mover (RPM) addresses the problem of quickly and efficiently removing patients from any environment. First developed for the unique demands of an active shooter incident, the RPM has found applicability to a broad range of patient evacuation and moving situations. The RPM is the only patient handling device that can be efficiently deployed under a patient without having to lift or roll them first and uniquely addresses the shortcomings of both traditional hard and soft patient carriers.


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