The Jumpstart Program
Pitch Night

December 15, 2020




Aspiring entrepreneurs pitched
their business ideas…

As the finale event of the Jumpstart Incubator Program, three entrepreneurs presented their business ideas and received feedback from the audience – and then one was crowned the winner!


Congratulations to
John Fiorello of RecordME  

winner of the Jumpstart Incubator COLLISION 2020 pitch competition!

Pitcher Lineup


Patent-pending remote audio, video, and virtual reality production of live events.

RecordME has developed hardware allowing us to provide remote event production (recording, streaming, etc.) to help venues and artists to make more money and reach a larger audience. Artists and venues have seen revenue fall steeply over the last decade; streaming revenue hasn’t kept up. With the COVID crisis, in-person performing is difficult and decreases the ability of an artist or venue to make enough money to stay open. Our hardware-as-a-service allows artists and venues to reach huge audiences for less money than traditional methods and can continue to help venues as COVID restrictions are lifted.

Our target customers are venues with more than 100 seats that typically host bands playing mostly original music and artists that are pre-record-deal or are signed to flexible/indie labels. We look for artists that own their own content, have a few hundred online fans, and currently don’t make enough money to do music full time (or find themselves signed to indie-labels that don’t pay enough to enable them to tour).

Our goal is to help democratize the music industry by giving small and independent artists the ability to perform and stream their concerts to global audiences, especially in the virtual world, without requiring the resources of a major record label!

143 Design

A grassroots organization, the purpose of 143 Design is to create original artwork fostering collaborations that support awareness of humanitarian efforts and biodiversity rehabilitation projects. This can take shape through visual arts, articles of fashion, compositions of sound, materials design, architecture…etc. It is founded by Maria Louise, a local artist.

143 Design is built to prove by collaborative creative solutions, that limitations are only hurdles to be overcome by the ingenuity of nature and the strength of the human spirit.

+ appreciation of life’s uniqueness
+ biodiversity
+ preservation of species
+ reform of textile industries (through luxury fashion)
+ social justice
+ honoring the cultures and wisdom of indigenous peoples
+ ingenuity
+ collaboration
+ community


I started a jewelry online store; my first product line is bead stone bracelets which elevate healing stones in a unique design.

Stones give us natural healing energy, using stone products can help to reduce stress and enhance a positive vibe at the workplace. I look forward to creating a stress-free zone where customers can come to share tips to reduce stress and to spread positive energy to others.

My ideal customers are women and men who work in an office environment, aged from 35-55. People who have an educated background, and are currently working.  They often deal with different types of stress at work such as co-worker conflict, work overwhelm, supervisor pressure… Our stone bracelets represent their hope, for their healing object, and for protection. Stones have health properties that also benefit their physical health.

Unlike other jewelry stores, they focus on how fashionable their products look, my store focus on health benefits along with the idea of enhancing the user’s workplace atmosphere. We hope to bring users inner peace as well as positive energy to people around them.


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