COLLISION Start-Up Incubator Demo Day

December 3rd






This December, COLLISION will be presenting pitches from students of Wesleyan’s Startup Incubator Program, facilitated in partnership with reSET Social Enterprise, CTNext, Newman’s Own Foundation, and the MEWS+.

Come out and hear over a dozen aspiring student entrepreneurs pitch their social benefit business ideas.


Tuesday, December 3rd
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

6:00:  Check-in & Collect Your Investment Money

6:10 to 8:45:  Pitches 

8:45 to 9:00:  Cast Your Votes

9:00:  Winners Announced


Second Floor of Main Street Market
386 Main Street, Middletown

This special location was generously donated by Mike Stone, owner of the Main Street Market property.

Food and refreshments will be provided by the MEWS+.

Save Your Spot for COLLISION

This is a free event, however, space is limited.  

Please RSVP to reseve your spot!

Registration includes “$25,000” in investment cash for voting for your favorite pitches. All attendees will receive one $10,000 chip, two $5,000 chips, and five $1,000 chips to drop into the voting bucket of the ventures they want to “fund.”  Chips can be distributed across multiple ventures or used to support a single venture.  

Once the pitches are complete, the COLLISION team will tally up the investments made in each venture, and winners will be announced based on the total “investment” received.

Pitcher Lineup

College Accountability League

College Accountability League (CAL) is an organization which aims to resolve disconnects between student interests and college practice through accountability enhancing metrics and equitable, targeted action. It seeks to unify student voices across colleges with the ultimate goal of improving the environmental and social responsibility of resource allocation.

Lucas Pabarcius
Wesleyan University


GAME:POINT is a student-run group with a focus on finding and implementing ways to make Wesleyan athletics more environmentally conscious and sustainable.  Through a network of student athletes, we are going to offer meetings to create a forum where atheletes can voice their concerns and report what their team is and/or is not doing to practice sustainability and brainstorm ways that GAME:POINT can help.

Maddie Clark and Daniel Banks
Wesleyan University ’22


Individually created one of a kind, wearable art. Each up-cycled and/or vintage garment is uniquely designed and painted by hand. 

Ona Hauert

Reimagine, Chicago

Reimagine, Chicago is designed to help local businesses in low-income parts of Chicago. We will provide grants and funds to help businesses expand and grow the local infrastructure.

Bobby Iwashima
Wesleyan Unversity

The Screen Reseen

The Screen Reseen is an hour-long workshop that creates a dialogue around the ever-increasing prevalence of screens in our lives, and in the workshop, we tackle how we can leverage the positive sides of them with the negative, while also gathering a community of interested and passionate audience members to have an open discussion about it. 

Beckett Azevedo
Wesleyan Unversity ’21

Sustainable Surfing Products

Sustainable Surfing Products is a one-stop shopping website for all environmentally conscious surf-related products. The surf community at large is very concerned with environmentalism but currently, there exists no centralized location where consumers can come and purchase products they know align with their values and Sustainable Surfing Products helps fill this void.

Will Huestis
Wesleyan Unversity 

Denali Learning

Denali Learning is a website that provides international students coming to the United States a convenient and effective crash-course on the American education system and American culture. 

Zachary Zavalick
Wesleyan University ’20

Hope Refuge & Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure will collect recycled materials (tires, bottles and cans) in order to supply building projects for Hope Refuge. Hope Refuge will build permanent, sustainable, mental rehabilitation villages for refugees around the world and advocate for their needs through legislative and outreach programs. Each village will have a local community outreach program that’s connects refugees to resources and educates the local community (of all ages) on sustainability and social issues that affect displaced people around the world. 

Meg Wiley

RBXCITY LLC is a website that allows users to signup, complete offers, and redeem the points they receive for prizes like toys and giftcards.

Tommy Doyle
Wesleyan Unversity


SafeRide is a ridesharing app that will send not one, but two cars too pick you up; one to drive you home, and one to drive your car. The goal is to reduce the amount of drunk driving by teenagers and adults, and create a safer alternative.

Nolan Collins
Wesleyan University

S.P.A.R.K Fitness

S.P.A.R.K. Fitness is an enterprise aimed to enhance low income and marginalized communities fitness experiences, by providing services such as child care, private rooms, affordable memberships, and much more. This is with the hope of decreasing rates of obesity and other associated health problems amongst these communities.

Itzel Valdez
Wesleyan University ’23


TimeLine is a software development company making the in-store buying process efficient everywhere, anytime for the consumer and seller. We are currently developing an app that shows real-time traffic of checkout lines and tracks shopping patterns of customers.

Nigel Hayes
Wesleyan Unversity

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