Wesleyan University
StartUp Incubator Pitch Night

December 1, 2020




Nine aspiring student entrepreneurs
pitched their business ideas.

The COLLISION pitch night was held virtually on December 1, 2020.

Congratulations to Green Angel and Nebula Chest

winners of the Wesleyan COLLISION Fall 2020 pitch competition!

Pitcher Lineup

Austere Rescue

Austere Rescue provides medical solutions for clients traveling to extreme and dangerous environments. We act in an advising and training role to ensure everyone returns home safely, regardless of the journey.

Taylor Tjosaas ’24
Wesleyan University

Green Angel

Green Angel is a carbon accounting software that allows institutions to monitor, calculate, and predict scope III carbon emissions in a more accurate and timely manner. We use computer algorithms and machine learning to help companies quantify and mitigate their carbon risks as well as move a step closer to carbon neutrality. Together, let’s build a more sustainable world!

Chunyue Ma ’22
Wesleyan University

Nebula Chest

Nebula Chest is a subscription game box for kids ages 7-11 with a mix of choose-your-own adventure/escape room tasks! Each box teaches children critical thinking skills and exposes them to different career paths in a fun way. We hope our games create joyful memories and encourage kids to explore life.

Paris Cipollone ’22
Wesleyan University



OUTSPOKEN is a communication program designed by students for 21st Century dreamers. It is a platform to grow, explore, express, and imbibe all the skills required by students in the real world. Our program encompasses learning themes that students enjoy navigating. It is fun and interactive. We are aiming our first launch in India, in the state of Jharkhand, where the literacy rate is very poor.

Akansha Singh ’23
Wesleyan Unversity

VETHOS Technologies

Vethos is a veteran, minority-owned small business focused on employing veterans and developing technological solutions that will help local communities. The first technological solution Vethos is working on is a rugged PC designed for the emergency response sector.

Gabriel Mirelez ’23
Wesleyan Unversity

Dosh Payments

Dosh Payments is a P2P payment application with a distinct social media twist. By linking your phone number and Instagram account, you are able to make payments seemingly with the power of emojis to friends and family members via individual or group payments.

Daniel Braganza ’22
Wesleyan University

Hearth Creative Co.

My mission for HeartॐEarth custom creations is to provide every client with a beautiful, long-lasting product that is created with eco-conscious practices and materials.

Every piece of jewelry you see here is designed intuitively with the natural rhythm of Mother Earth using ancient wire-wrapping methods. Within each weave are embedded mantra and heart-centered intentions for the healing of our internal and external bodies. By adorning your human vessel with HeartॐEarth sacred creations, you help amplify the grid of unity and love, so that we may all come home to our hearts.

Nelida Samara Zepeda ’23
Wesleyan University

Newark Water Association

The Newark Water Association is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit designed to support the community of Newark, NJ during their Lead Water Crisis. So far we have impacted over 2,000 children and their families by donating 76,80 recyclable bottles of water to meet the immediate need for clean water to youth sports organizations, daycare centers, churches, and the public.

Vincent Henrich ’23
Wesleyan University


SquadUp is a communication app for pickup sports. By streamlining communication, pick-up squads can organize easier and get to the field faster. SquadUp also connects these groups with athletes looking to play in the area.

Tommy Alpert ’21
Wesleyan Unversity

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